Many of you have spoken up about including another in your posts – whether it be your special beau, eternal bestie, lifelong sib or super stylish partner-in-crime. So, in the spirit of inclusion-by-love and in hopes of making your LOOKBOOK experience a little richer, we’ve partnered with Levi’s to bring you a trial run of a potential update to our posting rules!

Over the next month or so, be on the lookout for Levi’s sponsored looks featuring more than one person! We hope this new concept will push creative boundaries by encouraging lookbookers to collaborate and share the spotlight with one other.

We always put the LOOKBOOK community first, so we’d love for you to share your thoughts with us before we set anything in stone. Let us know what you think of this new feature (and some of the corresponding looks) by leaving a comment below.

Steffy Kuncman with her beau.

Tonya S. mid-stroll with mystery man.

Jill and Eugenie style their Levi's to suit their individual personalities from Boho to Prepster.