The fabric of denim has been worn in so many ways over the past few decades that it's become a staple in every wardrobe – men and women alike. Although originally seen as the fabric borne of workmen for its durability and comfort, denim eventually made waves in the fashion industry due to its versatility and its unique aging properties. With the ability to gel so well all kinds of fabrics, top designers began incorporating various interpretations of it into their latest fall and winter lines – helping it to evolve into the staple that we know and love today.

That said, we believe there are four staple denim items every modern style blogger must own, whether it be for a causal social gathering or a fancy dinner night out! Read ahead for some tips on how to style each of your denim items for every kind of occasion.

1. Go beyond the ordinary – with pastel and brightly hued printed denim.

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The basic necessity of any wardrobe is a good pair of blue jeans, but if you really want to explore denim this season, try adding a pair of colored or printed denim to your attire. They're easily paired with almost anything – from black sweaters to white shirts or dark tops. Plus, when everyone is dressing in dark hues for the winter season, a bright pop of color will be inspirational, exuberant and unique. You will note that in the summer and spring collections, many designers have incorporated pastel straight denim pants or pastel colored skinny jeans. Pairing these with a sleeveless blouse, a flouncy top or light beaded jewelry will create a look that is out of this world.

You can also indulge your denim cravings by adorning floral or camouflage printed jeans as these are also making major waves across the fashion runways this season.

2. The classic denim – or chambray – shirt.

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A denim shirt, commonly known as a chambray shirt, can be styled in a countless number of ways – tucked, untucked, half-tucked, layered, tied-up or even unbuttoned (preferably over a shirt or blouse). Rolling up the sleeves also helps to add a fitted crispness to the look. This is a must-have item in just about everyone’s list because you can rarely ever go wrong with it.

3. Keeping it fun – with denim shorts and skirts!

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Denim cut-off shorts are immensely popular for the spring and summer season – particularly those frayed, cuffed or showing peek-a-boo pockets. Paired with lacy tops, flimsy blouses and tank tops, they are a staple favorite for casual summer gatherings and spontaneous beach trips.

As for the winter season, denim cut-offs over a pair of dark tights are super in. The same goes for those midi-length denim skirts you've been seeing around, which you'll see being incorporated into more formal wear as well.

4. Denim accessories are a must.

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While adorning formal office attire, you may not get away as easily with denim shorts or shirts. But a classy denim bag on the other hand will not only enhance your formal appearance, but give you a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Likewise, other unique denim accessories – like sneakers – can do much to uplift your entire outfit solely by their presence.

About the Author: Melody Wilson is an adept writer with numerous publications – from fashion to academic – to her credit. She is currently working as a content manager with Instyle Jackets, a popular apparel company. However, her passion for writing goes far beyond her regular job as she writes frequently for literary pieces like short stories, as well as fashion and business blogs.