Los Angeles has been a treasure cove of inspiration for Jenny Tsang, founder of fashion blog Tsangtastic (sang-tas-tic) since 2013, where she shares her personal style through high quality photography and creative content. She originally grew up in Sacramento, California and moved to L.A., soon after graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a degree in Graphic Design & Art Direction.

"Los Angeles have been an endless inspiration for me, from neighborhoods like Venice, Downtown, Melrose, and Beverly Hills, to the innovation of various museums and the unique people I get to meet in the fashion industry. If I had to choose one place for my main source of inspiration, it would definitely be Downtown LA, where old-aged and modern architectures gather together, providing its own concrete jungle to explore!

When it comes to wintertime over here, it’s really love and hate. We have a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year (which sounds amazing at first). But, I can't say there aren't times when I'd wish the temperature would drop drastically, even for only a few days — so I could actually try multiple layers of coats, or even an eskimo-style one. On the other hand, I can still try layers, albeit with thinner, lighter pieces, creating an interesting kind of depth. I also have the opportunity to wear mini skirts with boots, without having to worry about freezing my legs! I love a good everyday outfit in LA that's minimal with a bit of edge, whether that's styling a look with the cool cut of a skirt or top, or letting that one-piece make a shining statement, all in itself. "

In LA, we don’t necessarily need to bundle up like a teddy bear against the ‘cold’. A statement blazer can go a long way out here.
I've created contrast and depth by layering the fuzzy texture of the blazer coat over a satin top and leather pants.
Knitted sets are not only stylish, but super comfortable. The ribbed knit defines the body shape, while preserving a feminine silhouette. Dress it up with a pair of ankle boots, or keep it casual-chic with your favorite pair of sneakers.
One of my favorite errands in the morning is flower shopping in Downtown. The fresh scents keep me inspired throughout the day, and the blooms help me maintain a fresh look for the apartment (aka my office). This is when I rely on my all-black combo, as well as throwing on a comfy fuzzy piece out for a spin!
Meetings, meetings, meetings! Never be afraid to wear pants underneath your dresses — it creates a totally different vibe, and is more or less, quite appropriate for your daytime meetings. I like to find new ways to wear a piece of clothing so I can establish a look that’s fresh to the eye.