Singles rejoice! In this modern age, there’s more of us than ever before — turning Valentine’s Day into yet another opportunity for ideating creative alternative celebrations. In fact, our cup overfloweth with ideas — from a no-boys-allowed, single-ladies jubilation of what makes the fairer gender uniquely female to an all out battle-of-the-sexes turf war taking place on fields of laser tag, paintball and cupid's arrows.

With plenty of diverse options for the weekend (and a chance to pull out the reds, pinks, blushes, magentas, burgundies and even plaids out of your closet), there's no better way to celebrate the month of red than by enjoying — and recognizing — the beauty of how similar and different the opposite genders are (in more ways than one)!


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GALentines is a precious idea conjured up by style blogger Kait Warman of Madly Mignon — an excuse to celebrate all things uniquely female, from unapologetically dressing up (however we want to!), watching as many romantic comedies as we can muster and reminiscing over relationship lessons and triumphs (and ones that were … not so much).

It's basically for the girliest of girls, and those that want to go all out in the romance department (regardless of the presence of a significant other), especially since romanticism can be applied to more than just the bond created between two souls in love. From the love of poetry, beauty and idealism to old things like castles, churches, art and the ornate, the concept also conjures up notions of glamour — whether vintage or modern. It means you can toss any thoughts of “Is this too much?” to sieves in the wind.

Bring out the pinks, the furs, the ruffles, the glitz and the glam. The ladies are taking the ball back into their court and this time, it’s no boys allowed (well, unless it’s someone we’re hitting up on Bumble).


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There’s no shortage of these types of soirees, nor singles ready to mingle, as the countdown nears V-Day. But, deciding what to wear to these delightful gatherings can get a little tricky — you want to catch the apple of your eye, but not in a way that comes across as too flashy or overdone (but you're also no wallflower)!

The words playful and sophisticated come to mind when pondering over the personality traits people are most attracted to (as do friendliness, creativity, sense of humor, confidence, poise and whimsy). So a good rule of thumb is to channel such characteristics when styling your attire. Basics with an edge or something slightly whimsical or creative strike an ideal balance: a white turtleneck with a delicate trickling gemstones on the collar, a tailored blazer over ripped skinny jeans or a skirt with knee-high boots. Depending on your unique personality, you can layer classy pieces in colors of burgundy, wine or soft pink — or go simple with a fun conversation piece , like a comic-print coat.


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I don’t know about you, but the game of love can get exhausting, especially when it comes to trying to interpret the behavior, words and actions of the opposite sex. How about — on this special holiday — let’s consider an alternative way of working out that aggression, and bring it back to the field. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to cut through the tension and fuel the passions. Go head-to-head in a battle of wits, teamwork, strategy, speed and brute strength by challenging the opposite gender to a game of laser tag, paintball, bubble soccer (yes, it's a real thing), or even archery. Who knows, cupid’s arrow might just hit at the end of it all.

You’ll probably be running around all day, maybe even breaking a sweat, in the fight to the top, so keep your outfits cute yet practical (or light and silly, like the mood). Trendy-casual looks of flannel, stripes, denim and leggings with comfortable sneakers or Vans will keep you feeling sporty, while a puffer or bomber jacket in a sweet color (paired with a beanie) will keep you from getting too cold in places where winter's still going strong.