Blogging is a solitary job. Most of the time you're your own photographer, stylist, model, editor, web designer, social media expert, and the list goes on. It gives you the freedom to create whatever you believe in, without having to conform to someone else's vision or brand. It gives you power over every single step involved in the process.

But you know what happens when you are your own boss? You doubt yourself. You make mistakes. Things slip through the cracks. Priorities get mixed.

Blogging is also a competitive job. You meet bloggers at events, you mention them in your posts, you discuss your blogs, but there's always an elephant in the room. There are only so much collaboration opportunities in a blogging niche, especially in our country's emerging marketing scene. Healthy competition keeps you hustling, but creative friendship will do that and more.

Once in a while, you meet someone, and you just click. That's what happened with Natasha and me when we were introduced to one another at a fashion show. I immediately noticed that there wasn't an air of condescension about her most people at these events seem to possess. That day I learned that she's down to earth, has great style and really knows her tech.

We've been friends ever since, bbffs if you will (bloggerbff, duh). She teaches me to edit photos, I help with her blog's English version. She shares her latest Instagram tricks, I send her blog contests I find. She introduced me to time delay on my iPhone camera, I introduced her to Benefit Hoola bronzer. We bounce post ideas off each other, shoot outfits together and, of course, complain about the hardships of blogging and self-employment. Because that's what friends are for. They encourage and empower you, but they also let you rant and nag for a bit.

Passion is a rare feeling. There are only so many issues one can feel passionate about in a lifetime. Cherish your passion. Protect and grow your passion. Don't spend it on those who don't get it. But when you meet the right person, please share your passion, too. You know there's so much more where that came from.