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Breeony Lee

by Breeony L., 27 year old hairdressser from the goold coast, Australia

Breeony  Lee

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Kelsey J.
So I was just admiring your looks, when lo and behold, one of my favourite songs randomly starts playing. La Dispute + Bon Iver..... SHIT YES
Agnieszka O
oh thank you
Ludvig Nilson
Felix Gebauer
:D:D (:
Felix Gebauer
haha, i like you
Jack Appleyard
cool!!!!!! england is really good if you live in a city! where will you be moving to?
Jack Appleyard
everyone on here lives in really interesting places, i live in england, the south, and its all cows and farms, no were even that good for shopping! charity shops are my best bet !! do you live in a city?
Jack Appleyard
loving the denim jackets, where is gold coast? :)
Felix Gebauer
aaaah i dont know :/
Jovitz  Cadigal
NEW LOOK...? SOON!!! lol...
thanks a lot Breeony...
Felix Gebauer
i am not attractive, but thanks really much(: you as a hairdresser, TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR, im desperate:D
Mari L
Hyped (;
I hyped it before logging on, so lookbook didn't register it ¨,
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