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Carolyn M

によって Carolyn M., 24 歳 lost soul から Upstate NY, United States

Carolyn M

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Josh Moody
no, thank you!
Maggie MacFee
I love your style. Fanned! :)
Leirbag El alquimista
Dawn B.
Sorry about all my hype spam! I'm just seriously in love with your style! (and you've helped me figure out how to style things I have too!) <3
Fluorescent .
I like your style, you're cool \ud83d\udc9c\ud83d\udc4c
Annapaola Spadolini
great style (Y)
Chester Taylor
You're most welcome
Michelle Wu
Hello! I'm a fellow sharkie and actually met you at the NY BM meet up with JL and Cam a while back. (and by met, I mean I admired you and your hair from afar. LOL) I just had to say that I am a HUGE fan of your style and that you have THE MOST AMAZING hair. <3
Tina Tina
You're most welcome. Your style is awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your amazing looks!
Veera Johanna
love your thigh tattoos!
Vane Van
amazing <3
María Gracia
You're style is amazing! Fanned, and Im your blog follower too =)
Farrah A.
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