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Catie Beatty

によって Catie B., 30 歳 Retired barista から Seattle, United States

Catie Beatty

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Jerrell Gibson
You Style IS Nice And Of Course I Fanned You!
Dahye J
Love your bleach blonde pixie. Your signature look! new fan :)
Jennifer P
Thank you for fanning! Fanned back I think your style is amazing!
Nat M
Thanks Catie, you are the sweetest <3
Dahi K. (www.strangeness-and-charms.com)
thank you for fanning and the hypes honey!
Lidka Adamiak
Totally gorgeous looks:)) I love it!
Fanned<3 and maybe fan back?:)
Liz Albuquerque
Thank you :)
Catie Beatty
Thank you so so much for all the wonderful comments <3
Débora Rabelo
wowwwwww, I love your looks and your style !
Priscila  Diniz
Love your looks
Epp-Maria  Kruzenwald
Ah dear, your style is so beautiful! It inspires me and that's what matters. Beautiful! :)
Kirk Tuan
Thank you love! You are stunning :)
Deanne-Rose Rodriguez
Your looks are stunning! love them
Vintage Mantra
Love your hair and looks, fanned <333
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