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Look by Agnija Grigule

Girl on Fire. <3

by Girl on Fire. <., 25 year old stylist to be. from California, United States

Girl on Fire. <3

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Corallina L.
my tights are of an italian brand, calzedonia.i've seen shops also in foreign countries, so maybe you can look for it...but they're from last season i am afraid.
Madysen Julia
well i bought these steve madden lego shoes, but i realized theres no purple or i would be wearing them with those.
Madysen Julia
yeah, i cant ever find anything to match with it. its so hard, ;like seriously, what do you wear with it?
Madysen Julia
yeah, about those purple tights. its always so hard to find stuff that actually flows good with them.
Zoë Harvey
like when you are in that profession you earn alot of money :)

and yes Ill get that!

my born name was zoe demaruis portia flood, and you?
Zoë Harvey
wow, girl, your only 18 hahaha.

well, you should defintly do something in fashion! and merchandising there is alot of money in it.,,,I actially saw something in LA weekly about getting your fashion merchandising degree in three months...I have to ask my bf because he has it.

well, it really depends, if you want to go to a trade school/a universaty, or a community college I can direct you to a few that have good programs.
Zoë Harvey
its really good! I think its the best one in LA, FIDM too many people go and arent serious about it. people actually KNOW how to sew when they go to OTIS.

cosmo was....full of drama, seriously, I could write a book about it. was it worth it to go...I will just have to see in the next few months.

what about you? what are you doing with your life!?
Ariana Estelle
not professional yet!! do you dance?
Ariana Estelle
oh why thank you!
pretty close to LA, where about are you?
Girl on Fire. <3
oh thats great how is that art school? cosmo sounds great how did you like it?
Zoë Harvey
oh he has an account on going?

I plan on going to OTIS in spring. Im currently finishing cosmo. it took forever D:
Zoë Harvey
yeah you can put stuff up. but it has to be legitimate. I think you can put parties up there and stuff too if youd like. haha. also you should look on some downtown blogs and things like that, they tell you alot.
Zoë Harvey
gurl, you got some really cute outfits, you need a photographer!

or someone with a 10 mega pixel camera! you could really get great hype out of all of this!
Zoë Harvey
Ive never heard of walnut park???

It was so much fun, it was just so amazng.

this weekend, I dont know, its gonna be kind of a chill weekend

you should check out this site

itll tell you alot about whats going on.

yes i am mexican :)
Zoë Harvey
thanks girl! so nice of you to say!
what part of LA do you live in?
did you go to that big music show in downtown on saturday night? great time for our generation.
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