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Charles Olivier W-M

によって Charles Olivier W., 21 歳 Future graphic designer から Quebec, Canada

Charles Olivier W-M

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Andre Judd
Charles:)!!!!!!thank you for liking my 'Léopard Des Neiges' look:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonella Carvajal Santacroce
Hope to see more of you!
Hildeliza Martinez
thank you :D right back at cha :D
Zack T
cool outfit and u look really smart :) hyped hyped!
Andre Judd
thank you Charles forthat awesome comment:)!!!!!!!!! when are you posting a new look?:)
RA ☥
thanks Charles!!! :D
Andre Judd
charles post a new look!!! miss you1!!:)
Johanna  Laura
i really like your look :)
Andre Judd
Charles happy new year:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Judd
Charles merry xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Andre Judd
i cant wait to see more posts from you Charles:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor C K.
It's taken me so long to reply to your comment, I'm sorry!
Ahah Thank you very much :)
Mc kenneth Licon
Hi Charles,

I am so sorry to disappoint you. I didn't mean to upset anybody by re-posting a look.
Still thank you for fanning me even if it was just for a while. cheers.

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