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Show Us Your Music-Inspired Look

We all know that music and fashion go hand in hand. Whether it's the sounds, lyrics, or styles of the artists and bands we love, what we hear in our headphones is so often reflected in our fashion choices. Music compliments our attitudes, and our fashion choices compliment them as well.

We are partnering with our friends from Sony® PIIQ™ and 8tracks to present a contest unlike any other. Here's your chance to show how the music you love inspires your personal style!

To enter this contest, simply post a look that was inspired by your own musical selection. We are partnering with our favorite music site 8tracks to allow you to add a song mix of your choice next to your look! All you need to do is paste the embed code of any mix on 8tracks and the 8tracks music player will appear under your look. You can either create a mix of your own on http://8tracks.com or just find one one that inspires your outfit!

One female and one male grand prize winner will win a free pair of Sony® PIIQ™ Premium Headphones. 10 runner up winners (male and female) will win a free pair of their choice of Sony® PIIQ™ Bass Earbuds in the color of their choice.

All grand prize winners will be chosen by Sony® based on creativity, originality, presentation, and musical taste. All runner up winners will be chosen by the community, based on total hype. Additionally, notable entries submitted throughout the contest may be eligible to appear on SonyStyle.com and/or the Sony® PIIQ™ Facebook Page.

To enter this contest, you must submit from the RULES page below!

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