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Re-Shape Your Hair in 2 Ways and Win

When it comes to fashion and style, we all know how important hair is. It's one of our most noticeable features, and the right hairstyle can enhance any look. There is no one hairstyle that will work for everyone, but there is one that is right for you and your look. The hard part is finding what works for you. Luckily, it doesn't take much cash or effort to experiment with different hairstyles, just a little creativity and perhaps a little help from the right hair product!

That's why we’re partnering with our sponsor Sebastian®, maker of the Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper Hairspray, to give LOOKBOOK.nu's most creative members a chance to show off your hair styling abilities. To enter this contest, all you have to do is submit a look that shows two distinct hairstyles while wearing the same outfit. We want to see hairstyles that stand out and make the look pop. The bolder and more distinct the two hairstyles are, the better!

LOOKBOOK.nu and Sebastian® will choose 1 grand prize winner based on creativity, originality, and quality. The winning contest entry will win a $200 USD prize.

15 runner up winners will also be chosen based on community hype. The top 15 most hyped contest entries will receive special Re-Shaper gift bags with additional goodies from Sebastian Professional.

To enter this contest, you must submit from the RULES page below!

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