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The Gap + LB Skinny vs. Flare Contest

Our newest Gap + LOOKBOOK.nu contest is not just a contest, but a serious battle between skinny jean lovers and flare jean lovers. To enter the contest, all you have to do is decide whether you're on "Team Skinny" or "Team Flare," and submit a look of you wearing the type of jeans you're representing. To be eligible to win, you must also include one or more pieces of Gap clothing. Only one Gap item is necessary to qualify, but the more, the better. (Optional: tell us why you love the jeans you're wearing, how you put your look together, and why you and your team should win!)

To decide the winner of the Team Skinny vs. Team Flare, we will take the top three looks submitted to both sides and add up their total hype. The side which gained the most hype points wins, and the three winning looks will earn a $300, $200, and $100 USD gift card to gap.com or any Gap store in the world! Additionally, the notable entries submitted throughout the contest will also appear on gap1969.com as part of an upcoming online campaign.

To enter this contest, you must submit from the RULES page below:

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