January 13, 2014 – February 4, 2014


And the winner is…

Congratulations to Elle-May Leckenby, Maile, Lily Fang, Nirvana and Carolina Munhoz! Each have won $500 gift cards to Love Nail Tree and their stories will inspire pieces for the future Love Nail Tree collection!

Elle May's story: Everyone has dreams and passions, sometimes It take others longer to figure out what they are. I was so blessed to discover my love of photography at an early age. when I was 16 I got the opportunity to photograph my very first wedding. Read on here.

Maile's story: I've never been quite sure of where to start. From the top or from the bottom. But every night since my first love died at thirteen I sat on my roof and contemplated my willingness for life. I strolled down the streets watching night lamps crackle above me, making the gravel hard and barely noticeable. Read on here.

Lily Fang's story: Peering through the rusty jaws of the storm drain, I knelt on the side of the road, struggling to make out its dim confines. I looked up to two expectant faces. “Yeah, it’s down there—it’s in that little pouch.” “We’ll have to fetch some tools and come back. Jason, do you have stuff at your house?” Kevin asked. Jason nodded. “Yeah, we should be able to find something.” Read on here.

Nirvana's story: It's easy to say that the things you go through in life make you grow and evolve into a better person. The truth is that most of the time that isn't the case. Simply going through the motions and being present as time passes doesn't make you wiser. You have to work for it. If it was easy being wise, loving, driven and compassionate than wouldn't their be more people in the world like that. Read on here.

Carolina Munhoz's story: I’ve never given destiny a chance. I used to come across so many coincidences, always reminding myself that they were only coincidences. How many people I used to dream about, long before I knew that one day they would become such an important part of my life? How many random songs used to ramble around my head and right after that, sung softly by some stranger at the street? Read on here.


Happy 2014 to all you lookbookers around the world! We're kicking off the new year with an introspective contest in partnership with our friends over at LOVE NAIL TREE to give five winners a chance to have their story be a part of a future LOVE NAIL TREE collection and a $500 credit at LOVE NAIL TREE's online store.

LOVE NAIL TREE is also offering 30% off their online store to the LOOKBOOK community! Use promo code: MYSTORY at checkout for the discount.


Get your creative juices flowing because there's more to this contest than just posting a look - Tell us a story — but not just any story. Imagine having one chance to leave someone with one bit of wisdom, impacting dialogue, or change-bringing story. What story would you tell? Perhaps you or your character is in front of an auditorium full of captive listeners, or maybe he or she has been brought into a conversation with a handful of strangers while traveling, or maybe he or she is talking to a homeless person on a bus. Show us how you or your character, through a genre of your choice (e.g. narrative, essay, dialogue), desires to incite change or has been changed because of what has happened to them.

1. Post your look and tell us YOUR story. Entries need to be original stories and should not exceed the equivalent of three pages.

2. Be sure to mention + follow @lovenailtree and @lookbook on Instagram and include #thisismystory in your post.


LOVE NAIL TREE exists to affect change in people’s lives and the culture we inhabit. We do this by telling stories—by inciting conversation about issues often neglected and ignored by our world. We address topics like addiction, fatherlessness, dreams, and beauty in original stories we write. Our stories then inspire the products we design and sell.

Every item LOVE NAIL TREE makes, whether it’s a t-shirt, necklace, terry dress, tote bag, bracelet, or pair of earrings, stems from a story. We print that story inside each garment and on every tag so the wearer can represent not just a trending brand or style, but an honest idea. There’s nothing slick about honesty, but there is something great about it. In that sense, we want to be great storytellers who are driven to change things.

Shop LOVE NAIL TREE: lovenailtree.com
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How to enter

  • Post your look on LOOKBOOK and Instagram.
  • Tell us YOUR story. Entries need to be original stories and should not exceed the equivalent of three pages. This needs to be included in your look description!
  • Be sure to mention + follow @lovenailtree on Instagram and @lookbook and include #thisismystory in your post.

Contest rules

  • We're collecting entries from Jan 14 through Feb 4, 2013. No entries will be accepted after 23:59:59 PDT.
  • Contest entries must abide by LOOKBOOK's standard rules for posting.
  • Winners will be chosen based on creativity, originality & quality of both looks & written responses.


All entries will automatically receive 30% off LOVE NAIL TREE’s online store at the end of the contest period.

By the time the contest closes, LOVE NAIL TREE’s writers will select five winners whose stories will inspire pieces for our future collection. Winners will also receive $500 to spend at LOVE NAIL TREE’s online store.


Can I submit more than one look?

Yes, you may submit more than one pair of looks to increase your chances of winning. However, as our rules state, you cannot submit the same look more than once. Each submission must also have a unique story.

How do I enter if I am not a LOOKBOOK.nu member?

If you haven't heard, LOOKBOOK is an open community! Become a Lookbooker by signing up here. If you need help or have more questions, please email support [at] lookbook.nu.

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