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Al Mukmin

によって Al M., 28 歳 男 から Malaysia

Al Mukmin

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Kevin Kay
hey, do you still have any supreme bags for sale?
Joona Wörlin
yeah, i actually got four.. hahah!
Zoë Deluge
oh why would you want to talk to an ugly fat beast like me, but you would do me if I begged?

Joona Wörlin
heyy !!
hm leather jackets are pretty good and cheap, so i'd say yes to hm.
and don't forget to try ebay!
Hanic K
why...are you malaysian too? :)
Alex Smith
You should've gotten an email (or 2) about it.
Andrew P
lol. eh. the usual

where have you been at fagle!?

surprised you havent popped up again
Imran Khalil
dougie, i miss u on HB :( sorry i didnt buy ur pleme .... i didnt have enough cheddar, but if i could love u till u gave it to me, i'd give u that :)
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