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Demi Lauren Abbott

によって Demi Lauren A., 22 歳 glam nanna から Ipswich, United Kingdom

Demi Lauren Abbott

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Lilly Pink
You are so stunning and your vintage style is flawless <3
Mona Mur
its fascinating to watch your style transformation! love it! fanned!
Michelly Wesky
Your looks are amazing! <333
Fanned you.
Attenya Santiago
you're amazing, I love your style!
SammeyChar R
Very Beautiful Style! <3
Eva Brock
Wow, I really like your look - fanned :) x
Noémie Beaulieu
I've been following your tumblr for a while, but I only just stumbled upon your lookbook. You have an amazing style and it's fun to see how it evolved over the years! Fanned :)
Wioletta Kuprowska
You're amazing!
Tudor Narcisa
Great looks..Fanned and hypped
Tudor Narcisa
Dreat outfits.Fanned and hyped
Hannah M
you must get sick of the dita von teese comparisons but you're gorgeous just like her, great style! fanned <3
Rach Stern
You remind me of Dita von Teese!
Megan Van de
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