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ALFIE ◆ エンゼル

by ALFIE ◆ エ., 20 year old FASHION☆ILLUSTRATION★STUDENT from London, United Kingdom

ALFIE ◆ エンゼル

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Ben Liu

Ben L. @bendabenliu

Thank you Alfie :D

Alwyn †sang

Alwyn †. @alwyntsang

YOu have to update!!!! =)

Rachael S

Rachael S.

no prob. :) you have style.

Alvis Lau

Alvis L.

thank you

Karl Philip Leuterio

Karl Philip L. @karlleuterio

hi alfie thats so sweet of u.,. dont worry , in time ima post my new looks.. just havin trouble with my schedules hehe thankssss mwah

Lauren Robuck

Lauren R. @l0buck

when r u mailing th letter out?

Eric Barmore

Eric B.

Love your style

Ario  Achda

Ario A. @arioachda

dear alfie,

thank u so much for joining the fan club, im really honored ^^

Lauren Robuck

Lauren R. @l0buck

ok cool we can exchange adresses on myspace in messages so its not all public

Lauren Robuck

Lauren R. @l0buck

haha thanks!
i was thinking how cool it qwould be to have a penpal like in all movies they have really different lives and cool stories to tell and ive always wanted to tell my interesting stories and cool experiences to someone do you think we could be penpals just like write once a month totally about random cool things from london to la?

Sarah S

Sarah S. @itssarahbitch

Me too ;)

Sarah S

Sarah S. @itssarahbitch

Oh it's no problem :)
What's with the "xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxkoxdjhoicxhfucbusizm" ?

Sarah S

Sarah S. @itssarahbitch

I am now your fan ♥

Daniele Assis

Daniele A. @danieleassis


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