Frequently asked questions

What is Lookbook?

Lookbook is the global community for the fashion-conscious. Members can share their individual style and draw contemporary fashion inspiration from each other.

All looks on Lookbook are posted by members like you. The most inspiring looks of the moment - determined by community votes - or hypes - are displayed on the dynamic Hot page. The most recent looks are published to the New page.

What can I use Lookbook for?

  • Find inspiration from original personalities all around the world
  • Share the art of your style with a global audience
  • Collect and hype looks you love
  • Discover new brands and unique items
  • Explore trends and see how others style items for occasions
  • Discuss fashion-related topics in the forum
  • Meet like-minded fashion-enthusiasts online and offline
  • Build a following for your blog, portfolio, boutique, etc
  • (Re)invent or (re)define your style through inspiration and interaction with the community

What is a "look"?

A look is a photograph that displays your outfit, and a list of tagged items of what you're wearing.

What is "hype"?

The number next to the look represents how many "hypes" the look has received. It is the community's way of voting up looks that are inspiring. Hype determines what shows up on the front page, which is also called the Hot page.

What is "add"?

By clicking the "add" button under each look, you can add a look to your own collections. It is a useful tool to help you keep track of and organize looks you like.

What is ?

In addition to hypes, you can also give 1 , along with a comment, to your absolute favorite look of the day. Use with care: you can only give 1 a day!

Can anyone post, hype, & collect a look?

Yes — all you need is a Lookbook account!

Can I share an account with my SO, bff, or siblings?

Sorry, no. In order to guarantee a unique voice and vote for each individual and ensure consistency within the community, an account cannot be occupied by more than one person.

How do I keep track of looks I like?

In the Looks section on your Profile page, you will find the most recent looks you've hyped and given under the Hyped and Loved tabs. You can also add and organize them into thematic collections, with a chance of being featured!

How do I post a look?

Click the rectangle with the "+" inside on the right of the main navigation menu, or just click here!
Please keep in mind, to prevent spamming, there is a cap on posting rate (you can only post 1 look every 3 hours).

How do I edit or delete a look?

Click on Edit or Delete to the right of the main photo of the look.

Are there any rules regarding what I can post?

Yes, in fact, there are 9 of them. To maintain the integrity of the community, our moderators will delete any look that doesn't follow those rules.

Are there any tips on how to take good pictures?

Yes, check out our blog post on how to improve the quality of your looks!

How can I earn more hypes and build up my reputation?

  1. Post good quality looks and post frequently
  2. Follow all rules for posting looks or you will actually lower your reputation!
  3. Interact and participate within the community
  4. Don't spam, offend, or troll

Where can I get a Lookbook badge?

You can get one here: !

How does the Hot page work?

The Hot page displays currently popular looks, determined by aggregate hypes and time of posting. If your look gains a large amount of hypes within a short amount of time, the Hot page will feature your look. To stay fresh, the Hot page features mostly looks posted within the last 24-48 hours.

How does the New page work?

The New page displays 3 types of most recent looks posted by members:

Spotlight — looks posted by more experienced members who have earned a high amount of reputation.
Up & Coming — looks posted by members with low to medium reputation.
First look — self-explanatory — your chance to debut!

Remember, the Hot, New and Top pages have Geo-filters. They allow you to browse looks from different countries or continents around the world.

What is "karma"?

When someone hypes your look, you are rewarded with a karma point. Check out the leaderboard to see who are the top karma gainers!

What is "reputation"?

Reputation = total # of karma points / # of looks.
Your reputation determines where your look shows up on the New page. Remember, when you first join Lookbook, you have no established reputation.

Can I down-vote a look?

There is no down-voting (or negative hyping) because Lookbook is here to promote a diverse and open-minded community. However, you can retrieve hypes you have previously given.

What if I see a look that breaks the rules of Lookbook?

When you see a look that breaks the rules, click on the Flag link located on the right of the look. It will be reviewed by our site moderators or deleted automatically.

What should I do in case of spam, offensive, or negative content?

Please flag any spam, offensive, or negative comments you find. We will review all flagged content for violation of our Terms of Service and ban offenders when necessary.

I have a great idea for Lookbook! Who do I talk to?

We'd love to hear what you've got! Please leave your suggestions here.

Anything else we didn't cover?

You can always reach us at hello [at] :)

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