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Rita M

Rita M. @ritzzbitzz

I somehow came across you somewhere else (through blogs I think) and was looking through yours and i really enjoyed it but lost the link. I am so happy to find you on LB!

Magnet S

Magnet S. @magnet

Thanks for being a fan Hayley! Fanned back... aaah I haven't been able to comment on your blog for daays now, for some reason my OpenID isn't working on anybody's blogspot blog and I can only comment on blogspot blogs that have the Name/URL comment option. Sucks because I wrote a huge comment about your neon outfit T_T and that blue lace dress.

Thandiwe Dunn

Thandiwe D. @missthandi

well aren't you a fan =)

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

omg!! i just found that comment! lol
i was so excited to see my pic!!!!!!!
:DDDDD thank you very much. and congratulations to you for being interviewed!!!!!

Sharon Paz

Sharon P. @thebreadnbutter

Just started reading your blog and I love it! You are so adorable :)

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

i like that shoot! especialy that died shirt/dress!

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

i love japanes fashion. i love comme and etc. so cool! and i lurve hedi slimane! he is just the bomb, lol
what designers do you like?

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

thanks! :D do you mean what i wore sunday?
you should take more pictures of me , ha ha ha

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

ha ha ha, convince him! they are so awesomely comfortable!!!
how often do you look for people in melbourne?

Vlad Kanevsky

Vlad K.

hello! remember me? lol

Zoe D

Zoe D. @zoe

i just want to say: i love your blog. :)

Stine Mo

Stine M. @stine

yeah, i've been to tokyo 3 times (:

Hayley Hughes

Hayley H. @fashionhayley

When will my looks be approved???
Oh and thanks Jason, although I'm not sure what tight means...I'm hoping good/cool/hip/fun whatever.

Jason Su

Jason S. @jason

your blog is tight!

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