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Pink lemonade X
thank you soo much for all your lovely comments and hypes! im just about to check out your looks :) x
Emily H
thankyou :D
Ice< Cream
Haha i know!!! Personally I think it's all down to the photographer... haha.
I told him he'd go down well!!!
Gieves Couture
oi Dan T and unpopular t how about you put some pictures of yourself on here before you go calling people fat! this girl is skinny in comparrison to the vast majority of people! so what if you can't see her ribs! i think your comments are out of order, rude, insensitive and malicious. If you want to enter into a legitimate debate like a proper adult then how about your write something intelligent instead of polluting this discussion with your small minded, un-educated rubbish! TTYN.
Ice< Cream
omg at how much of a commotion you've created lol!!!! Would not like to be on the receiving end of that argument from Cash M!!!
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