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by Slack M., 33 year old Internet Scientist / Fashion Theorist from Good Park, United States

Slack M

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Abbie Almasco
Emmanuel! Come out come out wherever you are! We miss you back here, yo!
Olivia O
i'm waiting for you to post something here! :}
Zoë Deluge
you really need to post some things soon!
Tunu K
dont know what shes saying but love it.
thanks for putting it back up.
Jammy Ungab
its okay... been enjoying the sun lately
Jammy Ungab
hey man! what's up? thanks!
Tunu K
i loved the music on your page i use to come to listen to it.
where did it go :( lol
[this is so sad]
E Maille
why thank you! when are you going to start posting looks?
Mr. big Kihg
thanks for all the comments human..
i like youre way you describe what you see and what youre thinking!!
Jammy Ungab
yeah..i just noticed that..lols..thanks're so nice
Abbie Almasco
Haha! I'm super addicted!!! <3
Sophia .
well... yes.
btw, is is negative or positive to you?
Abbie Almasco
Super thanks for the tip (and for everything, seriously!). I'll do that when I get the chance to take photos during daytime, because I hate that my photos don't show the details of my clothes! Hmp. Hahaha. I owe you so much, Emmanuel! Super thanks! <3
Jammy Ungab
am so lucky to live in a tropical country..i wont let u down since i love summer so i love summer looks!

and yeah,i was away for weeks for my holiday vacation so now,am just posting pictures from my lil get away
.. .
Emmanuel, just spotted your Shoegame collection. Great work! I'll check back at regular intervals!
If you haven't heard of Mr. Hare, I think you will find this enjoyable daily reading!
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