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Slack M

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Abbie Almasco
Emmanuel! Come out come out wherever you are! We miss you back here, yo!
Olivia O
i'm waiting for you to post something here! :}
Zoë Harvey
you really need to post some things soon!
Tunu K
dont know what shes saying but love it.
thanks for putting it back up.
Tunu K
i loved the music on your page i use to come to listen to it.
where did it go :( lol
[this is so sad]
E Maille
why thank you! when are you going to start posting looks?
Mr. big Kihg
thanks for all the comments human..
i like youre way you describe what you see and what youre thinking!!
Abbie Almasco
Haha! I'm super addicted!!! <3
Sophia .
well... yes.
btw, is is negative or positive to you?
Abbie Almasco
Super thanks for the tip (and for everything, seriously!). I'll do that when I get the chance to take photos during daytime, because I hate that my photos don't show the details of my clothes! Hmp. Hahaha. I owe you so much, Emmanuel! Super thanks! <3
.. .
Emmanuel, just spotted your Shoegame collection. Great work! I'll check back at regular intervals!
If you haven't heard of Mr. Hare, I think you will find this enjoyable daily reading!
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