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Garrett N

によって Garrett N., 26 歳 男 から Canada

Garrett N

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Gonzalez Sergio
i like your style :)
David Guison
I'm guessing you love scarves? hahah love your looks!
Riic V.
hahahahha xD

at least u have ajob :(
Riic V.
what do u do<33
Riic V.
u have a job? XD
Riic V.
i want a jackett sooo badd.

i need money -__-"
Riic V.
im good :D
so, what are you doing?
Riic V.
how are you? ^^'
Riic V.
your so cute :D
Emmanuel Zukerman
obviously I'm your fan, =)
Stéphane G-D
I totally agree with your comment on the boys look about it being generic and boring.
Most of his looks are, Maybe he's getting the sympathy vote. haha
Jeffrey Bowers
ahh im in love with all your stuff
Elena Jensen
you always have the sweetest scarves. work it.
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