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Garrett Roach

Garrett Roach

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Jesper K
Your'e welcome ;) But I should thank you for beeing interesting enough to make a fan ;)
Ami Nida
Well in that case I admit, cuz' i'm lazy :$
Dominik M.
thank you.
i think i will post the new looks tomorrow.
my camera had fall down today...-.- i must buy a new one :D:D
Dominik M.
no problem :D haha.
<3 i´ve add you on facebook. (:
Dominik M.
you are so beautiful *__*
Cesar Leyva
i'm bored :/
you should live closer :b
Cesar Leyva
indeed it would.
and make some porn toooo lmao.
Cesar Leyva
haha still i'll give them a try.
we need to take pics together ^.^
Cesar Leyva
oh your an 8? :o
I'm afraid they wont fit :(
but ill still give them a try lmao.
I'm 9 1/2-10
Cesar Leyva
i know.
or you could just let me borrow yours ;]
what size are you? :o
Cesar Leyva
yeah they probably would.
I might just use them for a photo haha.
Cesar Leyva
yeah I made no sense at all haha.
I said that I might get tired of the boots, so they might be heavy.
Cesar Leyva
yeah I like them.
I think about getting boots, cause I think I might get tired easily >.>
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