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Claire R.

によって Claire R., 20 歳 future fashion designer, stylist, and writer から Florida/California, United States

Claire R.

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Andrea Novotny
Thank you so much! That means a lot!
Andrea Novotny
What do you mean? I need tons more hype and comments, it seems like no one hypes me, are my looks really that bad? I will for sure tell my friends about you, if you like my looks, tell your friends! =]]
Claire R.
wants better karma and more comments!!! thanks...
Karl Philip Leuterio
im doin great claire.. how bout u dear
Claire R.
hey hey! please leave comments and hype one of my latest looks, i love toile. thanks! claire
Claire R.
hey everyone! i'd just like to ask a small favor. please comment and hype my newest look, studded star. thanks... Claire
Claire R.
Hey Everyone! i'm glad to announce that i've added the polyvore badge to my lookbook page, so if you like the outfits i've put together, click on the image on the slideshow, and comment or love it! also, check back for more looks i'll post soon. xoxo - Claire
Karl Philip Leuterio
hi claire1 i love you!
Stefanie M
haha thanks <3
Claire R.
hey everyone!!! i'd love for whoever visits my profile to please leave comments and hype pics! thanx =) - Claire
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