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If you're a #fbloggers #fashionbloggers &would like us to dedicate a #collection to you to #showcase your #accessory favs tweet us your blog
Gorjus Me
To all #fbloggers what would u say if we let you create your own collection on our site & dedicated it to you? You'd get 20% off any style suggession that we added to your collection

Any takers on this idea?
Gorjus Me
TAKE #control OF OUR #store: tweet pics of #bags #shoes #jewellery #styles you like. Get your #styles featured,Create YOUR OWN #collection!
Gorjus Me
hey guys we're really keen to know what things you wish an Accessories Retail Site should do for, as a shopper and fashion blogger?
Gorjus Me
#1 Community for Fashion Bloggers to: Share tips, Decide styles, & Pay less for Jewellery & Accessories.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOP! Start now by Promoting Your Blog#GorjusTribe.
If you're a Fashion Blogger get your accessories for less
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