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Hayley Haynes

出於 Hayley H., 22 歲 aspiring plus size model 來自 worksop, United Kingdom

Hayley Haynes

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Liz Haynes
We've got the same last name, and you've got interesting style! had to fan :)
Katrín Hammer
I love your style! Count me a fan :)
Emma F
i absolutely love your style, it suits you really well
Jade Forrester
Sure come on msn :):):)
Slåinmejifolie D
thank you thank you so much for your comment! you're way too sweet!
Hayley Haynes
yeah everyone enjoys media. Tbh though i think buisness looks alright, but not really my cuppa tea. Im a it more creative. but my mates are taking it and like designing there own buisness. So, cool stuff. Erm, you got myspace, bebo, facebook, or owt?
Ally Celones
thank you =)
thanks :))
Bethany Rowett
hello :) you look gorgeous!
Renay  Hanson
all your pictures are gorgeous.

i need to upload some :L
Aava A
+ a bitchy personality makes u ugly. so who knows maybe well see some of the "top" girls fall one day;)
Vanessa C
ah thank you :)
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