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Ëor Hpesoj-Miarhpë

によって Ëor H., 23 歳 pyromaniac sheep から hippodrone, United Kingdom

Ëor Hpesoj-Miarhpë

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Mia Mars
thank you,i do what feels best at the moment..
Leroy  M @leroytumi
thank you for all the hypes and fanning back... <3... i like u twice!!!
amezing artist how are you my vriend!
wonderful new looks....
Luís Reis
Thank you ;)
Lucas Pessi
this is simple: i love your Lookbook ! True, i love so much
Tomer Romn Daunov
thank you sweety♥
Tomer Romn Daunov
Dear Sequoia!
this is so nice form you to write my those things!
i'm so Happy to read this /
You are adorable
Maybe next time we see each other ;)

Henryk Ćwir
thank you
Robbie Jonsson
wow....u just gave me the best comment ever...thanks!
Lute  Al-Raad
Thank you so much! ^_^
Cristina C
aww you are so sweet<3 i cant wait to see more from you lovely!
Cristina C
stunning looks! :D<3
Michelle Lise ☥
You are very inspirational to me & I'm very glad I stumbled across your profile.
Your looks that you create are always amazing in multiple ways.
You are very talented! Please keep on posting since I fanned you & would love to see what else you manage to pull together in the future! :) <3
Max. G
You are incredible and have an incredible fashion sense! Your style is wonderful and so unique! I fanned you and hope to see more from you soon!! Keep it up!
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