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thank youuuuuuu :)
Cat B
It is :)
I'm good thankyou, how are you?
Dani Oliver
I hate that there are so many good options, its ridiculous 8-)
also, I love your jacket! it's awesome. xx
Dani Oliver
I'm not entirely sure really,
ICT, Welsh and Classics are definites, can't decide between english lit, psychology and biology for the last one though.
what about you? :) xx
Dani Oliver
at least you get money, I suppose :) I should get a job, but I'm far too lazy to apply. plus if I worked in a cafe I'd drop food all over people. well, wherever I work I'd drop things, its probably not just limited to cafes and food..
Yeah, I am a bit actually. Didn't think I'd say that ever, and yet.. a bit nervous about forms though, considering I hate most people. ever.
How about you? and what about results day? nervous or excited? everyone seems to fit into one of those. I think I'm going with excited, today at least.. :) xx
Dani Oliver
no job = no money = no buying things D:
plus, my old camera broke, and I had to buy a new one, so I owe mum like, loooads of money. well. £20. Same thing 8-)
Other than the lack of money and buying things though, summer's awesome. Dean came down for a week earlier, and.. well that's all that's happened but yeah.
How about you? :) xx
Dani Oliver
although, I can't ever say I've had one of those moments...
this place is excellent, although it just makes me want to spend all of my money on new clothes D:
Dani Oliver
Gosh, hello!
I didn't know you had a lookbook either! I did wonder though, it seems like your sort of thing :)
I have a habit of signing up for every website I see and never mentioning it to anyone, it's lots of fun obviously. :)
How come you haven't posted any looks?! xx
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