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Andres Sierra

by Andres S., 24 year old singer/actor/dancer from Toronto, Canada

Andres Sierra

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Johannes C
LOL, ok.
Johannes C
I'm sorry, I really don't agree on this site being about fashion forwardness.
To me this site is about fashion consciousness. Which to me is something completely different.
Fashion has simply related to me as an incredible way of presenting yourself in the most genuine and honest way possible. Being yourself. And never taking away from that in the hopes that other people will like your outfit more.
That's why the fact that I don't have any hypes doesn't phase me. I don't need to fit into some cookie-cutter hipster-suit or indie mircro-trend. I find that people can look great aesthetically, but at the same time lack individuality and personality. Which to me, is not what fashion is about at all. I find that progression in fashion shows up less when people care about other people's opinion (like hypes on this site). How does fashion progress when all we do is copy each other and put ourselves within fashion faux-pas boundaries. I find inspiring others with your fashion doesn't mean provoking them to copy you as if you were some leading front in the progression of fashion. It simply means being real. Not concerning yourself with what others think about your outfit. But simply being yourself through your fashion, in the hope of inspiring others to genuinely just be themselves as well, instead of being caught up in the stupidity of caring about what others think. But that's just me. This site means different things to different people. And I respect your view. And as much as I doubt you will respect my perspective, I still have hopes that you will.
Johannes C
uh, hi
to be honest, i couldn't care less about fitting into this site
or if my looks are offensive to fashion... I don't dress for anyone
I just dress in away that reflects me, reflects my mind
I wear what I like... how i like it... couldn't care less about trend or unwritten rules and crap like that
but thanks for your opinion anyways... however, I do like most of your looks btw
Brian Ojeda
que desgracia vivir a tantos kilometros de distancia :(
usas facebook?
Jean-Paul Wingfield
Taylor Katzel
Nope! I'm from Kingston..

I've been to Toronto many times, though
Jocki L.
no problem, i like your looks!
Jonathan Broderick
i dig it.
a lot.
Janina Sparv
thanks for being a fan. love your looks.
Zahraa B.
Hey Andres sorry to bother you, but um
Shamier wants to know if he could get
your number, if thats okay with you?
Case Sandberg
oh i know.
I fell in love with it the first time i heard it.

so what aa do you work at?
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