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Ilsebelle 薔薇

by Ilsebelle 薔., Student/Explorer/Creator of art, clothing, cakes etc.. from the bottom of a tea cup, United Kingdom

Ilsebelle 薔薇

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Lais Gonçalves
Come back to Lookbook, I miss your sickly sweet looks. [2] ;_;
Adamski Holdstheway
Come back to Lookbook, I miss your sickly sweet looks.
Miyu Myau
You are so cool! <3
Alice Luthien~
I love your style!! FANNED <3
Mirna M. Paix
you are - amazing! <3
Prilliy CH
you look like a pretty doll :D
Avina ★彡
Ahh, your style is such an amazing mix of all these beautiful opposites!!
Emily NA
Finally came here from your blog, loving the outfits all over again. Gothic gyaru/lolita to the max.
Nell B
oh my god ur perfect
Evilish Queeny
Wow, amazing style! You look like a creepier version of Alice :)
Fin ☆
I love your style :D
Ska  Rich
Love your combinations *_* there are soo amazing and you inspire me soo much! <3
Sydney Hartley
So lovely.
Kaylaa D.
I love how unique your style is!! :)
Judah H.
U have some hot stuff going on there! <3
KatyAnna G
You look like a very cute doll!
How youre die your hair in that beautifil green? :D
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