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Ivana Kada

by Ivana K., Fashion and lifestyle blogger from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ivana Kada

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Karolina J
thank you for the hypes!
Trzy Hoo
I definitely could feel a different vibe in such event :)
Nice experience :)
You don't need the red carpet to sparkle and shine!!!! :)
Retro Rocker
Thank you for the hypes :)
Trzy Hoo
ITV Gala - Red Carpet arrivals at London Palladium,
When on the way from work 2 days ago :)
Have an absolutely amazing weekend!!!! :) :) :)
John Laughlin
;-) <333
Trzy Hoo
I have no idea what's cricket all about, but doesn't bother to watch others playing it
The weather was so nice that Sunday :)
We spent such a relaxing day with friends in Greenwich Park :)
I am glad you like that image :)
You know, I love all of yours :)
Have a lovely evening :)

John Laughlin
lol, sounds like a plan.

It is kind of odd, though. If he keeps being that way, then maybe start requiring him to wear something that he doesn't like wearing so much. ;-)
lovely look!
John Laughlin
Hmmm, maybe just do it when he's not around. If that doesn't work, then, I'd tell him that you'd like to wear what you want, instead of having to always wear shoes that may not be that comfortable when you're not trousered.
John Laughlin
Thank you, Ivana. :-) <333

We do need to see at least one skirt (or dress) and long socks/sneakers look from you before the year is over, though... ;-)
Trzy Hoo
that's the vibe of London's pubs when everybody finishes work :)
Your profile is an amazing style adventure :)
John Laughlin
<3333 ;-)
Ellie Bajracharya
thanQ dear for or ur kind comments and ive also hyped ur pictures
Trzy Hoo
I Love Split!!!
Lucky you standing there in such a stunning style!!!!!
Agata L.
Deborah Ferrero
All your outfits are amazing! Fanned you :)
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