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Joanknee C.

によって Joanknee C., Explorer から Los Angeles, United States

Joanknee C.

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Gelle Mercado
gorggg looks mwa
Michi Tomi
Simply lovely, showing some love :*
Atina Abdullah
love your looks :)
Brenda Evans
cool style, hypess <3
Anjela C
awesomeness! love your looks! fanned! :)
Yona L
Thank you so much for the comment c:
Christie Y
Absolutely love your style! Looking forward to your next one!(:
Alberta C
Stunning! <3
Space Cowboy
I really love your style!
Karen Eusebio
Sorry, I raped your hype button! haha! :)
Jennifer Wang
Abby In The Summer! I haven't heard much about it yet but I'm so proud of him, I hope they make him dance because he has the funniest dance moves
Jennifer Wang
ROBIN THICKE BUDDY!! Did you hear he is going to be acting in an indie movie?! He's going to play the ex-boyfriend love protagonist! AHHH so excited ^^
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