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Lindsey Monteiro

によって Lindsey M., 21 歳 event photographer // designer // commissions artist から Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Lindsey Monteiro

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Luke Monteiro
We have the same last name! haha!
I'm pretty sure your name sounds familiar...did you ever have a boyfriend who was kinda myspace famous? :o
he had like a tattoo of jesus or something?
Devon Storm
i love you.
Kate. B
Fanned love your looks
Bobby Raffin
oh coool! that sounds so beauitful to watch.but i googled it and nada.
is it a popular film?
Bobby Raffin
hello, no i havent seen that movie, is it any good?
Daniela Lawson
yeah! you too?
An B.
i live in jacksonville too!
Sneeky.Neeky .
idn, but thanx sweetie
Justin B
you're killlling it. all your looks rule.
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