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Katelyn Rose Caster

によって Katelyn Rose C., 22 歳 fashion and food addict から San Diego, United States

Katelyn Rose Caster

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Blair Sylvester
love your outfits!
Hans Lambert
hello! how is your day going?
Priya  A
im ur big fan ^^
Emma Steuermann
fanned (;
Arielle Dado
I think I hyped almost everythin :))
Amy N.
I love your style <333
Mica Ros
I love the clothes you wear and post. :)
Yelena Lisovets
you are so beautiful!
Rosalind J
It really is a very great website (:
I'm so glad I was invited to join! Haha.
Ah right, your brother is a good photographer and you are a good editor :P
Umm..wel I'msigned with a model ahgency, but havn't had much work yet as I'm still quite young. But thanks!
Rosalind J
Aaaha.. Thanks. I just thought that being on lookbook would be a nice way to extend my blogging!
Who takes your photos? They look really professional!
Simona S
great looks !
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