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Amanda Ochoa

によって Amanda O., 26 歳 Poor little rich girl から Seattle ,Wa, United States

Amanda Ochoa

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Valentin Sebart
so special looks
Vítor Henrique
You're amazingly beautiful and you have a great sense of style. Hands down!
Bianca Yvonne
You have awesome style! And you make me want to run around Seattle and take better photos.
amezing wonder! you are a woman out my dreams <3
Lesly Derouard
love your looks <33
Susy Valencia
You are so pretty!! I love your looks & I think you're awesome!.... Yeah, that's about it!
anaïs  ▲
your looks are wonderful, amanda!!! <3
Mia S
You're amazing!
1300Marie .
Girl you float, your fly... you get it right every time.
Andy Ho
doll u look cool :) like ur style
Caroll Lins de Vasconcelos
Love it! fan
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