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Six6six X
fanning you! looking forward to seeing more!
Blanka Pozos
thanks julie! how have you been!
Lioncourt Garrett
wonderful style
Blanka Pozos
Ive been great :)
I understand, I wish I had a job so I could have some money lollll
please let me know how your anklet comes out when you're done with it!
Oh and to make the pants
you just have to take a pair of jeans you don't mind screwing up (i suggest dark denim, it comes out best)
and twist them in knots, putting them together with rubber bands
then in a bucket you put water with a lot of bleach and put the twisted pants in there for a while
the thickest the fabirc the more you have to left it there in order for it to get bleached
how are you?
Aurora H
Blanka Pozos
hey how are you??
did you see the videos I found for you?
Blanka Pozos
hey Julie how ya doin?
thanks for the lovely comment, the tittle i love too, it's from a song from Placebo's new album, the songs called "kings of medicine".
Do you like Placebo?
Look, I found some bracelet knitting videos just for you:
square knot:
right half knot:
you can find much more though, i think once you start knitting and picture it on your foot you are gonna get the idea, right now i'm making one with some beads on, there's gorgeous beads out there and they're very cheap, so good luck with it!

Blanka Pozos
Ok, I hope I can explain it well, all I did was
I cut three long strings of woolen yarn (because I'm poor and that's all i have at home, but you can also use hemp or even fabric)
then folded them by the middle and made a knot just there, leaving space because that is where tour toe is gonna go
now you have 4 strings attached to your toe, get 2 in each hand and start making knots, one side first then the other one, --basic bracelet knitting ( if you feel i'm speaking chinese).
ok, keep knitting until it's long enough to touch your ankle, there you are going to divide the strings again, two each side, and start knitting one of them, one string in each hand, one side then the other until they're long enough that you can tie them together.
then you tie them together around your ankle and cut the remaining string.
I'm afraid this is way too confusing :/ I'm bad at explaining, but it's really easy to do! so any questions just feel free to ask me.

Blanka Pozos
I'm very good, thanks!
Ohh I was sure they were from Norway.. anyway you seem to have such a special taste in music ;)
you should recommend me some bands.
I definetely think you should check Lacrimosa out. I don't know if you'll like them though, they're gothic metal, nothing very heavy. Not my kind of music at all, but there's just something that makes me love them.
Blanka Pozos
Hey Julie!

I was wondering if you like Lacrimosa? Well I ADORE THEM, and I got tickets to go see them on July 20th!!
I'm so excited!!! :)
Oh and I'm also jelous of my friend because he got tickets for Arch Enemy?! :( but it's okay i'll go next time. They remind me of you because they're from Norway :D.
So how are you??
Blanka Pozos
That's good that you care for animals :D
I love writting to, I dream of having my own magazine orr being a famous editor/writer but i don't know.
I have to start at least as an intern. I also love runway stuff/fashion photography of course.
Blanka Pozos
I adore photographing, I do it for the fun of it, but I hope that in the future I can become a serious photographer.
There's so many things I'd like to do though.
What's your favorite thing to do?
Jules Jo
Thank u so much:)
Blanka Pozos
I'm great as well! :)
Lastnight I went to this battle of bands at some college here in Queretaro
my friends played and I was asked to take a photoshoot by the band that won n_n.
I need to start buying photoshoot equipment though, i need a better camera i swear!
Blanka Pozos
Oh I really like rise against!
but never identified it as metal :l
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