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Look by Agnija Grigule

It's time for da percolator

October 14, 2010 · 110 · 11

Michael Z - Marcs Blazer, Tux Shirt, Drop Crotch Pants, Miscellaneous Necklaces, Miscellaneous Rings - It's time for da percolator

Since being on LB i have meet a lot of great people, and for this look i drew inspiration from the following people in the following ways:

Andre Judd - b/c he's the most edgy dressed cat on LB and his style pushes me to push myself into unknown fashion territory

M'c Kenneth Licon - b/c he's clearly the most dapper gentlemen on LB and this look is more dapper than usual for me

Phillipe Le Nerd AND Back of the One - because between them they make religion look stylish haha and this tux shirt's collar is reminiscent of a priests collar (I call them both the 'high priests of fashion')

Karl Phillip Leuterio and Mikhael Magallanes - because they're label 'Paradigm Shift' ( has inspired me to challenge the norm - hence, wearing drop crotch pants with a tux shirt

Steph T - because she is the reason that i dress the way i do AND she takes my photos :)


oh and the title of this look comes from this really annoying song that lots of people have made music videos to, like this one:!

and this one:


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Andre Judd
OMG you didn't:)!!!!!! -> "Andre Judd - b/c he's the most edgy dressed cat on LB and his style pushes me to push myself into unknown fashion territory"

this is beyond Michael:) im utterly and completely touched by this gesture. you didnt have too. Wow. shucks im like lost for words on this one. But i am thankful and very much grateful:) !!!!

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Andre Judd
I'm glad you are experimenting with new styles and details. I also like the layered necklaces a lot and the drop crotch styling with the tux:) you are definitely pushing the look forward here:) plus 10,000,000,000 hypes!!!! I owe you a heart!:))
Michael Z
haha thanks so much for the kind words yet again andre. i promise i didn't just do it cause you gave me a shout out - i did it because what i said was true :)

and you don't owe me anything, i've already taken so much from you in the way of ideas and inspiration. haha it's like i've stolen you're intellectual property, you can't touch what i've taken but you can see the fruits of it's labour :)

Andre Judd
you deserve the love Michael:) you're kind, supportive and open to the possibilities of fashion:) for me those are great qualities that deserve praise:) Im glad you take inspiration from people. Theres no shame in that. Im glad to see the fruits of your labour:)
Peter Adrian
you both do rock :]
Michael Z
haha thanks so much phillipe and peter, it's much appreciated


Andre Judd
thanks Peter, Phillipe, and Michael:) you guys are a constant inspiration to me:)
Nicole Ngo

def love your shirt and your blazer and your numerous necklaces :) this would make a hot new year's eve outfit as well! ;)

hyped baby
Michael Z
haha nicole you're a darling, too good to me :)

would look good on new years yeah :)

thanks xxxxx
mr. z did it again.& again.& again.hype worthy much. :P

great references to your new look man.btw,two of your mentioned inspirations are filipino.sir andre (who is an uber stylist here in the philippines) & karl. :P

the blazer + the white polo + the drop crotch pants (a nice edgy piece) + the assorted necklaces (which has the ying & yang,the koi fish,a key (i want this one),3 sets of teeth? (am i right) & the one with the circle & the cross = hyped.

im too busy right now cant post.but im glad to be taking a backseat & be the fashion observer for now.heehee :P

Michael Z
thanks mc, great comment as per usual :)

yeah i have to say that i draw the most inspiration from guys on LB that are from Manilla / other areas of the Philippines, i just see SO MUCH great stuff coming out of there

and great work noticing the necklaces haha - yes they are three teeth, thrifted from a market for like $2 and one of my best friends gave me the key for my 24th birthday :) oh and my mother hand drew the cross in circle one and had it hand made for herself, me and my brother - it represents the circle of life, so there's a bit of meaning in my jewellery

now worries, understand you're busy, but i do wanna see more from you man, just when you have time :)

take care and speak soon :)

M C seems that we are having lengthy comments here.haha.if this was facebook.we should hit the "like" button instead.haha

whew.great that you are inspired by our country.we maybe tropical.but the folks here dont mind dressing up to the nines,even if it means breaking a sweat. :p

the teeth necklace would definitely be a winner for my sister.she's taking up dentistry & loves tooth & teeth kitsch have a great friend who showers you with gifts.great key necklace your mom should be a jewelry designer cause that cross pendant is genius.

i do keep people here waiting with my looks.& i am really sorry.but i assure you it be fun & exciting the next time.haha

see ya around.& send my regards to crazy steph.great photography skills dear. :P
Michael Z
thanks so much MC

much love to you :)

Thallisson Silva
OMG!!!! I loved your look! and i like the tribute fo the Andre Judd and Karl Phillip and all other i like of peoples too!!!! Very good congrats!
Michael Z
thanks so much man, i love your style as well :)
Thallisson Silva
you're welcome! and thanks! :-)
Gizzy L.
you look gorgeous in such formal clothes
mixed with pretty casual things (e.g. necklaces!)
love this look! <3
Michael Z
you, my dear, are gorgeous!

thanks for much for the kind words :)

Oh My Godot Vintage
great outfit, great angles, and it wouldn't be the same without the specs. the specs make me-a-happy. hyped!
Michael Z
when i read 'make me-a-happy' i did it out loud and in a mario brothers voice. that's what you mean yeah? hahahaha

Mc kenneth Licon
awwee. thnks. how did i miss this?!

the blazer is gorgeously sitting on you.. how the shirt is very sharply fitted... high collar = super cool... and the NECKLACES.. i should really invest on them sometime... if you may have noticed.. I'm not big on them.. but they look amazing on you.

I'm honored to have inspired you in any way possible. Keep being inspired --- because that's a great way to grow and learn.. then you'll be inspiring other people too..

Michael Z
thanks again, i was kinda hoping you saw this one day haha but didn't want to show you, i thought you'd stumble across it one day

thanks for the compliments, i do love necklaces and i believe the right ones would look great on you. now as chunky mine or as many as me, but some great thin laces with the right pendant would be the cherry on top of your great my humble opinion

you will continue to inspire me and hopefully i inspire someone :)



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Marcs in Blazers
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Miscellaneous Necklaces
Miscellaneous Rings

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