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Look by Jordan Rose


November 11, 2010 · 86 · 17

Andre Judd - Astolia Chunky Art Deco Inspired Rings, Sepa Multi Cross Choker Neckpiece, Ac For Fh Multi Cross Necklaces Worn In Cascading Effect, Jerome Lorico Jersey Pleated Tuxedo Shirt With Sheer Fabric Combi, Versace Vintage Leather Chainmail Gianni Jacket, Republic Round Frames, Korea Hiking Leather Boot Hybrid - ††† ALL HAIL, GIANNI VERSACE ††††

PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK Day 2: (this is for Phillipe and Juan - Goth Gods)

Usually my wardrobe approach during fashion week is more directional tailored pieces. This day however I decided to wear something aggresively rock. I cant do tailored suits because it would be too teddyboy ish. So its leather and jeans this time. I looked upon images of bikers with their metal hardware and leather as inspi for the day. One thing is for sure the final output should never look safe. Fashion week is about new propositions and new styling methods.

I started off with the accessory(and a short story of the pieces):
I met Diane Espera( a good old friend from college who is having a huge succes with her accessories line called SEPA) few weeks back in Cebu during the Preview 15th Anniv Crystal party. She wore this incredible chunky pyrite with stainless steel sculptural neckpiece which blew me away. After that event I told her i wanted to get pieces from her.

Days after we discussed what pieces will work for my looks. I told her I wanted to wear pieces that are chunky and irreverent. So she designed this one piece multi linked chains filled with tight exquisite multi crosses. To die for. To create visual interest on the outline of the piece she placed strategic silver pearl shaped drops.
It was already amazing but i wanted to push the piece further. I used my own designs of silver necklaces with multi crosses and created a cascading effect to elongate the overall look of the neckpiece. The more crosses the better.

Then came the shoes.

I bought these single pair of hybrid hiking boots recently in Korea and they were perfect for that biker look. I opted this pair because its not contextualized in that manner before. Usually Japanese guys wear this to create a Heritage look paired with cargo pocketed chinos, lumberjack shirts and parkas but I wanted it to look punky not country.

Then there was the It Jacket:
Its a vintage Gianni Versace moss green leather jacket with that rounded shoulder and narrow cropped at the waist cut with fantastic chainmail detail on the shoulders.This is my most prized vintage piece from my collection. If you know the story behind thie piece you would want to kill me because I got it almost no charge. (Let me know if youre interested to hear the story). Its been with me for years but I realized this was the right time to wear it.

I wanted to wear this piece I acquired from Jerome Lorico (who by the way won Grand Prize on the recently concluded Japan Fashion design contest- kaya im so proud to wear his creations. Love ya teh!) Its a classic tuxedo shirt but modernized with that blunt edged collar and jersey tuxedo bib joined onto a sheer body( Love the subtle sheer effect showing my belly in the photo hehe).

So there you have it a postmodernist approach to dressing punk without really literally looking like one.

Last but not least:
I opted for a braided side section for my hair to go with my favorite beehive coif for that grungey meets hip hop vibe. Finishing off are these chunky art deco rings from Astolia to create a silver accessories reiteration on my fingers.

Thanks to Cheka for the pic:)

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Michael Z

what a story! love it love it love it - that neckpiece is literally to DIE for, i want it SO BADLY! such amazing friends you have :)

andd LOVE your hair, perfect for the photo, sided braid is perfect with the beehive for this! the shirt is amazing, love how you describe it, jacket is so good! (you have to tell me the story)...

andre this is by far my fav story that has accompanied your looks

my heart is gone but you have my hype and endless true love

Andre Judd
yes im glad to have talented designers on my speed dial. Im also proud of wearing their creations. They truly are amazing works of art. Thanks for liking the hair. I had different versions of the braid each day during fashion week. fun fun fun.
The jacket is amazing non? i love it and its my most cherished closet piece:) weirdly i dont wear it too much because i want to preserve it.

So you like the story to this look? thanks!!!!!

im so touched by your endless love:)!!!
Cynthia Deyn
andreee, ohh i lovelovelove your necklace, really amazing!! your top is so stunning and you hair is so lovely. i adore your super cool jacket. you are never go wrong, andre. PERFECT!! HYPED for you, dear :))
Andre Judd
Cynthia youre the sweetest:)!!!!! thanks a bunch for those really nice warm comments:)!!!!!!!
hype of course.haha. :P finally posted this sir andre.saw this on too.GREY FOREVER.amen.

the grey goth is epic madness.just goes to show that you don't have to be in all black just to look a certain way.the necklace is mega dope.heavy heavy the grey shirt underneath looks like a barong meets new age tailoring.btw,jerome lorico is a bicolano.if i'm not mistaken.BU grad ata siya.& the leather jacket which looks like edgy athletic wear . hype to the millionth. :P

Andre Judd
thanks MC:)!!!! oh yeah this was in cecile's blog. The only difference i decided to change my eyewear last minute for the shows because it has this gray tinge thats goes well with the outfit:) when are you posting a new one MC? Really jerome is bicolano? i didnt know:)!!! my relatives are bicolanos too in my grandmother maternal side. I dont know how to speak it but it does have a similar sound to bisaya which i can speak.
i see.very well coordinated indeed.when am i posting? haha. something happened to a look i was about to post. i'm still trying to figure out whether to post it or not. i know,fellow lb-ers are pushing me already to post. so maybe the next week it be soon unleashed. haha

yep.i believe he is a bicolano. i was once a BU student,kayear ko ata siya.just transferred to another school kasi with another course after a year.kaya di ko alam nangyari sa kanya.but my nursing duty mates know him kasi friend ata nila. b would be happy to know that you have bicolano roots sir andre is an ORAGON.bicol actually is a very rich local town sounds different from the other it's nosebleed inducing.but i think sorsogon's bicol dialect has that visayan influence.

andaming topics.this is a lengthy conversation.haha

Andre Judd
hehehehe:) whats an ORAGON?:)
this is from

haha.para kunwari very detailed yun description.

1."Oragon" - is Bicol slang for somebody who is feisty, determined, principled, fighter, unafraid of consequences, and one who stands up for his principles.
ex- Galing mo, maorag ka talaga! (You are good.)
Sobrang galing mo, maoragon ka talaga! (You are the best.)

hope it sums up what an oragon means.or in today's pop culture - oragon means COOL.
Andre Judd
love the word. reminds me of Eragon a fantasy movie. wow its such a compliment M C. im extremely flattered by this!!!!! thank you so much:)!!!!! you totally made my day!!!!!! i meant it sincerely:) I havent checked LB on new posts. have you posted a new look already? i will be posting a new look probably tom:) i got extremely busy for the past three days.
Junior S
Never a dull are a genius honestly...oh shows me I have so much to rock Andre! :) keep doing you...and I love it and you even more and more daily! Hype!
Andre Judd
you flatter me too much!!!thanks for the kijnd comments Junior:) you are amazing:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see more of your looks!!!!
Thallisson Silva
I gave the hype and I read what you wrote about the look and I was impressed with the details of the look You have done well by creativity and style! Congratulations
Andre Judd
thanks Thallisson!!!! mwah!!!!!!!!!
-Back Of The One- .
Woooooo your a dream!!
all you all you make me :)
can you give me your necklase :O
I die whit you and the millon crosses
the rings++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I'm so glad that you are inspiration
(really I need to meet you soon)
again my heart as always!
kisses and keeping to show us your looks
I can't stop to see your all looks!
Andre Judd
because you guys are the best!!!:) love you both!!!!:)
-Back Of The One- .
And Il ove you more that you think :) my little andre
Jaco Fr
Beyond greatness. I find all your creations just inspiring, exciting and alot to look up to. Never boring and medioka. Also being from Manila aswell, its just wonderful seeing great fashion are coming from the captial. Wonderful hair and goregous necklace. :)
Andre Judd
no you are beyond greatness Jaco:)!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for appreciating fashion:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhonnel Tan Santos
amazing as alwayz!! if im gianni versace ill probably pick you as one of my models or whatever (i know the product/garment would be sold out in just one day!) and by this time, i think miss diane is already receiving lotsa orders kekeke :))
Andre Judd
I should get the order details from her so i can post it. im sure girls would be interested in buying it:)!!!!

and super thanks for appreciating the look:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Chunky Art Deco Inspired Rings
Astolia in Rings
Multi Cross Choker Neckpiece
Sepa in Chokers
Multi Cross Necklaces Worn In Cascading Effect
Ac For Fh in Necklaces
Jersey Pleated Tuxedo Shirt With Sheer Fabric Combi
Jerome Lorico in Shirts
Round Frames
Republic in Glasses
Hiking Leather Boot Hybrid

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