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Look by Ashley Joncas

Freedom in the right hand, Love in the left.

March 22, 2011 · 60 · 7

Quan Mai -  - Freedom in the right hand, Love in the left.

My outfit/shot is inspired by a lyric of Ayumi Hamasaki (AHHHH! one of my biggest influences growing up) from her song "UNITE!"

As you know about the Japan earthquake and tsunami natural disaster. I actually heard the news 2 weeks ago when I was in Vancouver, I remember how unreal it felt because 1, I am not there physically to feel the effect, and 2, how scared I was that it might take effect on the west coast including Canada. Life is so precious, anything can happen in a split second, so that's why I'm trying to live without hesitance. My heart broke into pieces as the death toll increased. I know Japan is a 1st world country and this is an expensive disaster meaning things that were destroyed were very costly took a long time to organized and built... but I have no doubt they will thrive again soon! I'm very fond of Japan (although I haven't been yet) is because of my teenage years were greatly influenced by Japanese culture, and I still am inspired by its music, fashion, and technology.

So, here I ask you to help any way you can. If you can buy a $20 dollars plate worth of sushi, I'm sure you can donate $10.00 to Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Or if you can't, just buy some Sapporo beer, I'm sure you'd enjoy that, right?! Ha! What I'm saying is, as much as we can't relate because we're not there physically or we don't speak the language... what is true is that you get what you give. And I think we should start living with grace while we're young, so we can age gracefully later.

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Alexandria C
I was an exchange student in Hiromshima Japan three years ago. My heart goes out to the many people affected by the earthquake and tsuanmi.

your photography and looks are amazing and intrigueing
Quan Mai
Thank you!!! I know huh?! So heartbreaking, and very apocalyptic don't you think? almost like a scene from the movie 2012. I'm obsessed with anything apocalypse.
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Illari R.
I think is great what you are doing for Japan
you are one of a kind

ps: loving the colors and photo!
Quan Mai
aw. you are too sweet. thank you!
I think we should always help which ever way we can you know? It is true that we get what we give... so we should give good and we'll get good back! :)
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Joseph Zion
a look that i would never pull off but you do so well - hence the hype!
Quan Mai
thanks for that hype. Well, I always say that we should wear the clothes not let it wear us, so I'm sure if you wear it again or match it different, you can pull anything off if you wanted to! :)
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Andre Judd
QUAN THIS IS SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOPPED YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! COLOR VERY SS2011:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quan Mai
ahahaha!!! ANDRE!!!!! so much love and enthusiasm! love you!
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Andre Judd
super love your post:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah!!!!!!!:) love you more!!!!!!:)
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i can't think of a right word to describe how incredible you are!!!!

this is bananas!
Quan Mai
haha! thank you! I think Bananas would be the right word! :P
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HAHA so happy liked it :))) hahaha

BANANAS!!!! :)

hey :)

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Jo Zepeda
This excites me so much! I'm so happy to see these fantastic colors together, plus your hair is AMAZING. Soooo bold, I'm so in love with this :)
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Sophie Lou
ohoho knew it was hamasaki. keeping it real as always. HYPE dude. very cool!~
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Hamdice D
a great msg u r sending out !! def spend less/ donate more! the colors here r bold yet SIMPLE and just amazinG:)
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