The Prisoner of Azkaban

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Adam Gallagher - Time Turner - The Prisoner of Azkaban

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Sirius black is on the loose! ;) this week i am continuing my highly anticipated series of harry potter looks with the Prisoner of Azkaban inspiration. i know i should have done them all consecutively but to find the right necessitates for each look is hard. i want to make sure i capture each book and its magic and i believe i did so with this look incorporating theTIME TURNER. in the book it was used by hermoine granger to go back in time and change the result of an unfortunate ending to their 3rd year at hogwarts. its also the introduction to harry's godfather sirius black. all in all i hope i captured enough inspiration from the book and brought it to life here.

3)your looking at it!

xx adam:)

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Vèda Papineau
OH MY FREAKING GOD! I'm so in love with Harry Potter, it's crazy! You can't imagine how much I'm jealous of your time turner, I wonder where you bought it. This is an amazing look Adam, I really like it! x
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Alex Montilla
OMG I think envy is going to kill me O: love the time turner, love harry potter so much!
this look is amazing dude LOVE IT!
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Quan P.
ahhhhh, wizardry at its most fashionable! haha love it, and your time turner is amazing. def accepted into Dumbledore's Army lol
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Kaitlyn Halsema
this is amazing! i'm rereading the series for the fourth time around in preparation for the new movie, and my friends and i were just discussing - while at harry potter world in orlando, of course - how badly we wanted time turner necklaces! hyped and loved, which i wish i could do a million times over for this look.
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Peter Adrian
HOLLA BACKKKK. harry potter is coming out soon, so are we like watching together or what? ahha
Ruth S
I hope you realise you're a legend XD

I adore the Time Turner necklace I've wanted one for ages! ^_^
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Heba Al.
ahhhh I sooo forgot to give you the heart I promised. well here it is! something looks different. I didnt know it was you at first. Is it the highlights or a hair cut?? hm..
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Janina V
Amazing, you really captured the book! You are almost a spitting image of how I imagine the young Sirius, and I love the necklace!:)
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