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SUMMER is not just a season, it IS A STATE OF MIND

by Jezzel N., 22 year old Student from The Land of Promise, Philippines

12 comments · June 14, 2011


Ralph Lauren Botton Down, Fnh Swimsuit Top, Hot Kiss Booty Shorts, From A Friend American Flag Shades - SUMMER is not just a season, it IS A STATE OF MIND - Jezzel  Nadela
  1. botton down


    Ralph Lauren



    , in Ralph Lauren Shirts
  2. swimsuit top




    folded and hung

    , in Intimates
  3. booty shorts


    hot kiss

    , in Shorts
  4. american flag shades


    from a friend

    , in Eyewear

I am in love with summer that is why for me summer never ends. :)

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Comments (12)

Unacanella S.
such a beautiful shot!*-*
Jezzel  Nadela
thank you unacanella :)
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Aleksandra Valentine Skorykow ☽
oh my god! it deserves for much more hypes :) love it <3
Jezzel  Nadela
Aww.. you are sweet! Thanks. (:
Joyce  Manalo
Summer never ends! :D
really like the photo and the whole outfit is too perfect!! <3
Jezzel  Nadela
Thank you sweetheart! Xoxo (:
Melinda Soewandi
great picture!
Jezzel  Nadela
Thank you sweetie (:
Jericho Harada
like the picture cant wait for summer
Jezzel  Nadela
Thanks. Have a great summer then (:
Rae Marshall
Great photo to show it off, the headphones pull this all together!
Suzie S.
when i look at ur picture i feel summer! amazing!: )
reply ·
Bev T
Beautiful xx
Jezzel  Nadela
thank you sweetie :)


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