Summerland forever

July 14, 2011 · 1

Marina Aurora Thorsen Ødegaard - Indiska Dress, H&M Safari Inspired Belt, Necklace, Second Hand Pumps With Gold Details - Summerland forever

Summer in my land

Summer could last forever, for an eternity to come, But I do not choose. It simply goes with the wind
A shift and it may all belong to yesterdays joys and pleasures

But now, is now and fair the moment is, fair the day may be.
Fair our thoughts may be transformed into, like lightweight stardust, sundust. Glowing warm like the big golden planet itself, falling down, flying all around into our hearts and minds
As long as you shall live and thrive on this globe so warm but sometimes seemingly calm

Making everything an untold paradise, always new, always fresh, forever light, A dry fountain not made of water but air
A day could be your last, A day could be a memory always hiding in your past, It could be something you never could regret

A little fairy-tale only for yourself, you the princess, may not be a prince, but the world your castle, your unexplored staircases, and one unexpected day If you only wait, as joyfully as when the sun doth rise, the shining prince will suddenly arise, someday, far away.

Like unexpected sunlight in long rainy days of the summer, be patient, be loud, do not fear tomorrow, do not fear the moment.

Pain the world with heartily joy, paint a rainbow in every path, so the summer may be remembered in long cold days when sunlight seems dead and long forgotten.

Sit in the green, sit in the garden, my love, you will laugh, you will smile, because the world, your castle is so diverse, so full of villains, but also heroines like yourself, and the fairest thing I ever saw was the moment that was free, that was far beyond any words spoken of soft pleasures, soft like our hears in this sparkling time, green our souls as the trees seems to never stop to touch the sky

And the whole of you blooming with the earths delight, together with the many roses all around, around every corner, every little house, every little fountain, so are you, like those, if you stop, and see, and realize, the kind but fragile pleasures in summertimes not long but a short adventure for ourselves to take.

Take delight, bathe the suns so long longed for sparks, it is the great star of the universe, the only star that not for long will die, bringing it's magic for those who know, for those stretching high upon the arches of sky and soft pink clouds, for dreamers and heroes, for madmen and kinghts, for ladies and gentlemen,

A summerland is a little life itself, within the great life we either way know. Never will we know if the sun will stay or go, but know we do that the green will fall, and in joy we must indulge as long as we can, althoug your dark side howls for the moon at night, one can what one like, as long as you know your home. Know the rose, and know the limits of land.

Jeroy Balmores
love the dress babe
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