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Look by Agnija Grigule

Sedation Thru Sedition....

September 28, 2009 · 21 · 7

Ellis Dee - My Lovely Evol Grrl Fiend Skinny Jeans, The Kitchen I Used To Slave At Ex Chef Jacket - Sedation Thru Sedition....

.....Or is it Sedition Through Sedation?

Both seem as if they are worthwhile pursuits in an otherwise
worthless course of action.

Unleash a torrent of destruction that cuts a swathe across everybodies sense of security and peace of mind, resulting in further detachment from the chakras, more mental pandemoneum and death of the soul. The exctinction of old will not match the way technology wipes out life,

the machine will rule supreme, this is not a dream some scientist had inside of his lab, this isn't the result of the mind of the mad.

Fungi can overcome every biome, can render magnetic tape containing data dead and useless. Computers learn to imitate nature, viruses scar harddrives the way the human virus has dug itself deep into the earth, stripped her of minerals, water & oil, hardwired her to transfer electricity across the grid & around the globe.

Humans won't be the last alien lifeforms to exploit a whole planetary ecosystem, we might be lucky enough to witness it all collapse down to the consistancy of rubble and shattered rusted iron. Don't think we didn't have it coming, human history is collapse and regrowth. The History of the planet is one set of dominent species after the other, each one leaving far more behind than the last.

We fool ourselves into thinking our lives have special meaning, all we are just conduits for transfering genetic information on for the next ten thousand generations, if indeed we don't decimate our own numbers down to a few sheltered survivors who would envy the dead.

This must stop, the course of history needs to rewind itself to the very first instance when molecules broke apart to form new bonds and light energy shot across our solar system.....I need a vacation outside of this fucking galaxy.

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Ouroboros Zapatero
i'm just gonna go along with what she said.


let's embrace the oncoming singularity with the greatest love. let's be one! with everything! how's that for a change?
Ellis Dee
I'm not so much scared of Singularity as I'm frightened of the possible things certain people might do with it. The 'Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot' or 'EATR' is a pretty scary thing; an arm complete with a claw and chainsaw, a bin for breaking down bio-mass. Apparently all the DARPA robots will have AI in them that will give them the ability to overwrite a human command if their computer deems it 'unethical'.

I'm still waiting for someone to make me a martyr, if I die in the name of humour nobody will be laughing.
Emilia Hearn
this is awesome.
smokin' ehh? ;) nice
Ellis Dee

toking not smoking :)
Victoria Biggs
love this! the location is beautiful.
Ellis Dee
SK is the 'breadbasket of the world'
Nova Paige
".....I need a vacation outside of this fucking galaxy."

you and me both.
Ellis Dee
Alpha Centari? Or further off in the universe? :)
Gunnar Saxon
Finally checked out your photos. Lets have babies =]. That will be all.
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Selle M
Hahaha love the creative cover-up doodle.I second that other girl,I think I love you what with your cute paranoia and propensity for random graphic/geometric imagery.
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Ellouise B
Your photographs are wonderful!
Ellis Dee
This one(along with my more spectacular looks) were taken by my ex GF Cassidy, who is quite the photographer.

I did all of the editing and layering on this image though.
Molly Madness
COME GET HIGH WITh ME! I got that cali weeeed.
Ellis Dee
sounds like a plan....I have access to B.C. greenage....and I know how to make hash & vegan pot butter.


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