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Narcissus; Almost Dead in a Different Mythology

によって Jann L., Fashion Design Student, Business noob, daydreamer から Makati , Philippines

18 コメント · 1 · October 28, 2012


Jann Lim - Diy Broken Glass Bid Necklace, Diy Gold Band, Diy Broken Glass Bracelet, Diy Broken Glass Ring, Diy Owl Snakeskin Pin, Diy Owl Gold Sequined Pin, Diy Owl Lace Pin, Diy Ruffled One Piece - Narcissus; Almost Dead in a Different Mythology
  1. DIY Broken Glass Bid Necklace

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  2. DIY Gold Band

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  3. DIY Broken Glass Bracelet

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I concluded, that most of us here is familiar with the story of Narcissus. He was a hunter that bore beauty and physique perfection. All his life he was oblivious of this amazing gift; until one day. He was hunting – following a trail of rare diurnal owls- he saw a beautiful man on the ruffling surface of the stream, abide by the cascades. He leaned down to take a more vivid and closer look; it was his reflection, and he finally saw it for the very first time. He fell in love with himself- with his reflection in particular- and waited for it to love him too and be with him forever. He spent several days gazing down; neglecting his thirst and hunger. He died eventually after being eaten by deities by the stream.

I want to channel Narcissus’ story in my Halloween costume, but I don’t want to oblige to the descriptions given to him in Greek Mythology; instead I want him to be part of me and myself part of him. I, Jann Christian Lim, as Narcissus in this look, is a prince- since I am a son of a politician in reality- who never partake to look at my reflection for the fear of being too interconnected with it that might be the reason for my insane conceitedness. Mirrors were forbidden in my kingdom, and whoever brought one must be send to jail and the mirror brought should be shattered into pieces. One day a Mirror fairy passed by the kingdom and did not like what she saw. She collected all the broken pieces of mirrors and turned them into jewelry and was placed on my body while I was sleeping. She also created a large one by the headboard to turmoil me more.

Morning came, and the sun shone at its brightest; as I open my eyes I saw a beautiful man on my headboard, necklace, bracelet and ring; and I fell in love with him- my reflection. The fretful day had arrived and as its cause, I was able to be unconscious towards my thirst, speech and hunger. All I was doing was to stare at my jewelry and waited for the man in it to come out and love me forever. Eventually I died.

I want to portray y’all a message, that there is no harm in loving ourselves, in fact this is the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL. But we must all put in our minds that no individual is an island, all of us need to communicate, care and love each other. Being selfish and conceited will give us negative circumstances that may be marred when we stop being how we are.

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Lo Pascual ⚓
cool! ^_^
Jann Lim
thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jea Lim
i'm the one who photograph this!!!
I really saw the jewelry live it is so magnificent!!!!!
Jann Lim
Thank u soo much little sis.... You really did photographed me well.....
Lita Perlita
Awesome look and photos!
Jann Lim
Thank u so much lita!!!!
Janelle A
so much thought put into it. i love it :) great costume too
Jann Lim
Your comment just made me cry, tears of joy. Thanks alot.

I really worked hard to complete this look, from the concept to the making of thE DIYs. I may have not won but atleast someone like you appreciated it.
Edhid S.
very creative guy!!!!!!!!!! wow hyped!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!````````
Jann Lim
Thank you sooo much. I really wanted someone to describe me as CREATIVE. That is why i am working hard to earn it.

Thank you again.
Agata P
so cool,love!
Jann Lim
Thank you soo much. Agata dear. Thank you!!!!!
Glena Martins
Great Jann <3
Jann Lim
Thank you sooo much Glena.
Kirk Tuan
Creativity! Hyped! :)
Jann Lim
Thank you so much kirk. It really meant alot.
Saudia Caday
Jann Lim
Thank You soo much ate Saudia!


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