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Wild for the night-ASAP Rocky

by Emmy C., Model, Actress, Fashion Blogger for Boys and Bombshells from Los Angeles, United States

18 comments · May 7, 2013


Emmy Corinne - Forever 21 Denim Stud Head, Forever 21 Jaws Muscle Shirt, Old Navy White Terry Cloth Shorts, Aldo Red Chism Wedges, Ray Ban Ray Ban Reflective Blue Aviator - Wild for the night-ASAP Rocky
HYPE 128
  1. White terry cloth shorts

    Old Navy

    Old Navy

    , in Old Navy Shorts
  2. Red Chism Wedges



    , in Aldo Wedges
  3. Ray ban reflective blue aviator


    Sunglass Hut

    , in Ray-Ban Aviators

Comments (18)

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Daisy O
Beautiful. Great photos
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Priscila  Diniz
Perfect look!
Love the cop
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Wendy La
love your shots!
0 · reply ·
Trika Srus
great shoes
0 · reply ·
Jacky Siren
Great you are so pretty!
0 · reply ·


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