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Tamara Gonzalez Perea

によって Tamara G., 24 歳 blogger at www.MACADEMIANGIRL.com から Poland

Tamara Gonzalez Perea

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Misi C.
uwielbiam Twój styl <3 nie mogę przestać oglądać Twojego kanału na youtubie, tyle szczerości i otwartości dawno nie widziałam
Karine Kollshaugen
OMG, love your style!
Sarah Stevenson
your style is impeccable! the perfect blend of class and shock value.
Lorraine R.
Awesome style, very unique, keep it up! -fanned-
Gabi Giacomucci
Omg! loved your style! Amazing colors to see here!
Geena Matuson
Absolutely amazing style, your ability to mix and match colors to make a cohesive, beautiful outfit is just amazing - truly art :)
Przepiękna sukienka, uwielbiam takie kolory :)
Larissa Petra
I loved that collors...your looks is amazing, fanned <3
Raz Ifergan
Love your style!!!
Your looks make me so happy!
Arielle K
You are so beautiful and I love your sense of color!
Sybille Green
Thanks a lot for hyping! re fantastic Tamara!
Francesca Di Parma
Thanks a lot for hyping Happy and colorful 2014 dear ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Hyped you back ^-^
Mirjam Van den Berg
Amazing colourful looks! Keep posting ♥
Mika N
In my opinion, you are one of the most fabulous people on lookbook! I love your style so much, and I look forward to every one of your posts! You are amazing!!! <333
Daria G
Tamara, I adore such a bright people, like you! Your looks are quirky but at the same time so feminine! Anna Dello Russo will be proud of you! Keep it going, u are fantastic! :)
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