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Magnolia Lucinda

によって Magnolia L., 21 歳 oneironaut and animator から Melbourne, Australia

Magnolia Lucinda

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Humanstarr (caren) *
can't wait for new posts dear MAGNOLIA :)

no new??? :)
Humanstarr (caren) *
i like your style :) imma fan...catch you again :) see yah!
Karst Kafka
whoa, thank you so much for being my fan! <3
Harley !
Thank you!
Thelma Malna
thank you so much !
Johnny  Go
Magnetron ! Thank you for giving me your heart XD
Alexandra Eve
...i steal my sisters clothes. (H)
Alexandra Eve
oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

im gonna as kabout tomorrow. my mum just got home so yeah.

oh it should be fine :D
Ellen Nakamura
Noooooo fkn way, I'll be the one to ever see it... Well apart from my friend who took the photo...
Ellen Nakamura
Magnolia, thanks so much for the comment+hype+heart!
Trust me, my face was so not cool.
Madame Audiophil
thank you :o)
Ellen Nakamura
No you haven't! But thank you! Haha :P
Nicole  Adorkable
haha (:
so your from the west yeah!
well nice to meet you :D
Nicole  Adorkable
heyyy (:
you friends with sandy yeah?!
haha lol nice photos btw ;]
Sai ..
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