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Mia Lindquist

によって Mia L., 25 歳 Student/Fashion Designer から New York, United States

Mia Lindquist

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Dorian Gray
hey mia,

i´m founder
of stylishkidsinriot.com, an online magazine from europe with a focus on indepdendet
contemporary fashion designer. just wondering if you could be interested on a
feature there with an interview as i really like your work.

would be a pleasure:)

drop me a line here or at info@stylishkidsinriot.com

kind regards,
Whitney Kim
hey mia i like your outfits! hope your using lookbook a lot haha it looks like you have lots of people who love your looks!
Ninjaintherun Kalahari

i just saw you wrote to the missmars email!
thank you! im so happy you liked the dress : )
the blue dress is for sale, but were still working on the online shop,
we just have our clothing in stores in Mexico now
the online shop should be ready by next week! it is 45 dollars plus the shipping,
ill let you know as soon as the online shop is ready : )
thanks again
Alicia Jones
coool whats it called?
Alicia Jones
Hey gurl we need to go thrift store shopping again before i leave!
Olivia Lopez
Ohhh hey lady, how's your clothing line going along?
Lacey R.
i got it, i got it, i got it!!! it's perfect! i look like a flapper girl!! i'll take a picture soon. thank you so much. i'll be referring people to your site on a daily basis now!
Alicia Jones
really thats cool ill probably be going up to san fran a lot since ill be in north because there is really nothing else to do around my campus
Lacey R.
yay!!! i've been checking every day for it. now i know it's en route to me RIGHT NOW!
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