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Celeste S.

によって Celeste S., Weirdo から California, United States

Celeste S.

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Regina Hsu
You are so cute !!!
Regina Hsu
Thanks for your hype <3
Indy Andrea Mumu
thanks! fanned you back <3
Yona L
Thank you so much for the lovely comments and the hypes! Favor returned! I want to know more about your style ;)
Nana S.
Beautifull looks!! <3 Fanned and Hyped!!! :D
Yulia Lis
Nice looks
Angelwin Kelly M
you're welcome celeste. :)
Jonabelle Torralba
Keep on posting. Do you want to fan each other?
Brenda Pessoa
cool looks
CJ Telosa
thanks for the hypes and fanning :)) hyped and fanned back :))
Summer Tang
Thank you so much for fanning,sweetie! hope to see more looks from you! :)
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