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Olga Boris

によって Olga B., 23 歳 女 から Minsk, Belarus

Olga Boris

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Fani Gaytan
Very pretty and cute looks Fanned!^^
Alexandara Lyulina
Ольга Борис! Ты прекрасна!)
Priscila  Diniz
You are soooo pretty!!!
Love your style
Lena Shumik
шикарный стиль! :)
Betty B.
i love your style! and you look so pretty :) fanned!<3
Mona Mur
i love love love love and love your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Echo L
You a so cute, love all of your looks and very want to have your wardrobe :D Fanned!
Fai Thamchinda
Your style are so awesome, fanned you<3
Jay Jones
You're so cute lol You look like an adventurer x3
Emily Anne
Ahh! I seriously adore all your looks. And you're really adorable! Heh, I also envy your hair, I had mine short and red like that once, only mine stuck up in random places because I'm not good at cutting my hair... But really, your looks are a good inspiration! Keep doing what you're doing! <333
Eyridiki K
Thanks for the hypes<3love you
Anne M
thanks for hyping Olga!
Sophie B
amazing outfits!! hyped and fanned you :)
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